Beef and Noodles



2 1/2 - 3 lb. Chuck Roast

2 qt/ water

1 T salt

1 envelope dry onion soup mix

1 can Campbell's Beefy Mushroom Soup (Be sure it's BEEFY)

1 pkg. Coe's Noodles

Put everthing except the noodles in crockpot the day before and cook all night on low.  Continue on low the next day until about an hour before you put the noodles in, then tun on high.  You always want the broth very, very hot before adding the noodles.


Take the beef out, pull it apart, put it back in the broth and add the noodles.  Turn it to low and the noodles will cook in the broth.  Once noodles have been added, leave them alone and resist the temptation to stir them often.  Just a quick stir when you put them in the broth is all they need.  When they are done, just turn the crock pot off and they will stay hot for several hours.  I like to add the noodles even several hours before serving them as they soak up the broth and are even better the longer they sit.

Beef and Noodles for 50


About 10 lb. of chuck roast

5 Tablespoons salt

5 envelopes dry onion soup mix

5 cans Campbell’s BEEFY Mushroom soup

After all these things are in your roaster, fill with water to within about 3 inches from the top and simmer all night.
Next morning, take the beef out to pull off any unwanted fat and also to pull apart the beef.  Return beef to the roaster and add enough water to bring it to within about 3 inches of the top of the roaster.

About 3-4 hours before serving, make sure the broth is boiling and add 5 lb. Coe’s Noodles.  Just lightly stir them in so they are covered with broth.  This will look like way too much broth, but it isn’t.  When the broth is once again boiling, turn roaster way down to about 200 degrees and let the noodles set.  Don’t let ANYONE stir them during the 3-4 hours in the broth.  If you have to, make a sign to put on the roaster, “DO NOT STIR”.  Stirring causes them to break apart and they aren’t near as pretty or appetizing.

Each roaster will serve 50 people.



Chicken and Noodles


Place 4 - 5 lb. chicken leg quarters or any chicken pieces in a large stockpot and fill with hot water until the chicken is covered with the water.  Cover with lid and cook until chicken is tender.  Remove the meat from the liquid, which is now called broth.  Take the meat from the bones and return it to the broth.


Stir 1 can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, and 1 T. sa;t into the hot broth.  Bring the broth to boiling and add the noodles, stirring only once.  When the broth and noodles return to a boil, turn the fire down to a very low temperature or even off.  Don't continue to stir.  The longer the noodles sit in the hot broth, the better they are -- they just keep absorbing that delicious broth


The hold the heat for a long time if you are taking them to a family dinner or pitch in meal.

Chicken and Noodles for 50 people


For each 18 qt. electric roaster, fill each roaster with chicken and the broth to about 2 inches from the top.

  To make the broth, I use 20 lb. of chicken quarters (legs and thighs).    Ahead of time, cook the chicken, pick it off the bones and freeze the broth and chicken together. Add 5 Tablespoons of salt to the broth for each roaster.

The day before the event, place the frozen chicken and broth in the roaster and cook until broth is all unthawed, then add 5 cans of cream of chicken soup to the broth and chicken in the roaster.  Stir the soup into the broth well. 

Then  leave the roaster on about 300 degrees all night.  In the morning, the chicken broth will smell like roasted chicken and it is wonderful!!!  If the broth has cooked down,
just add some more water so it comes to a couple inches from the top of the roaster.

About 3 or 4 hours before the event is to begin, turn the broth up to a rolling boil, (it already might be boiling).  Then add 5 lbs. of the noodles.  It will look like you have way too much broth for the noodles, but you don’t.  The noodles absorb the broth as they cook and after as they wait to be served.  Just stir only slightly so the noodles are all in the broth.  Keep the temperature high until the broth comes back up to a boil, then turn the temperature way down to about 250.  The noodles will cook in that hot, hot broth.  In about an hour turn the roaster completely OFF. 

Don’t let anyone stir the noodles while they are cooking.  If you have to, put a sign on the top of the roaster saying, “Do not stir”.  Then when you are ready to serve them, stir
just slightly in order to stir the chicken in
throughout the noodles.

Good luck, and if you follow these instructions, you will be successful with this roaster full of noodles.

If you have any questions while preparing the broth or noodles – please feel free to call me,
Judy Coe 765-874-1079 , or my cell phone at 765-277-9779 . 

I wish you the best for your special event!

Chicken Noodle Soup