When It All Started-----------

The summer of 1983 is when it all started.  We were strolling through Richmond, IN shopping one Saturday morning and came upon a Farmer's Market.  Besides produce, people were selling pies, cakes, and many other goodies.  I turned to my daughter, Christy, and said, "Do you suppose people would buy our noodles?" 


That next week we made 52 lb. of noodles and the next Saturday we were selling them out of the back of our old red station wagon.  I told my three little girls and one little boy if we sold them all I would take them to see the play, Annie, which was beng performed in Richmond that weekend.  We sold 43 lbs. of those noodles that morning!  Upon arriving home, our neighbor, Vonda, bought the other 9 lbs. so the kids could see Annie. 


Each Saturday morning we loaded up our old red station wagon with more and more noodles.  Soon we were taking over 100 lb. each week, plus a different recipe to hand out to our customers to keep them coming back week after week.  I remember the day we were back home by 8:30 A.M. and my husband was puzzled as to why we were home so early.  I said, "because the noodles are all sold!"  That was the day we knew there was a need for our product in the local stores.


From there we went into the local stores and have been selling them ever since.  Our family grew up making noodles and with that responsibility, they learned how to work hard for what they have.  They also learned how to be productive people, how important loyality is, and perseverance, too.  They are all grown up now with families of their own and I'm ever so proud of each one of them.  They have blessed my husband and I with 10 grandchildren.



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27 years ago is when it all started. We were strolling through Richmond, IN shopping one Saturday morning and came upon a Farmer’s Market. Besides produce, people
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